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A beautiful, usable keepsake crafted from
wood used to build Pride II Now Available: Keepsake Oyster Knives Crafted From Timber Used to Build Pride II - Now Available: Keepsake Oyster Knives Crafted From Timber Used to Build Pride II Proceeds Benefit Oyster Restoration Projects & Pride of Baltimore II In a hundred-year-old warehouse in central Baltimore, master woodworker Dale German is hard at work. Bent over an electric lathe and surrounded by an aromatic mound of wood chips, he chisels a block of mahogany into a…
Rig Down Captain’s Log: Winterizing Pride of Baltimore II - Deciding not to sail a sailing vessel during the cold climes of winter seems like an obvious thing, but contrarily it is not. Sure, cold weather sailing is not for the feint of heart or the ill equipped or ill prepared. To some degree that is the simple aspect of the decision…be prepared, or do not sail in cold weather! But when…
ChesapeakeHelo Become A Member - Becoming a Privateer Society Member is the best way to support Pride’s mission of promoting historical maritime education, fostering economic development and tourism, and representing the people of Maryland in every port she visits.  Contributions and donations made to Pride of Baltimore, Inc. benefit Pride’s educational programs, sailing activities, and ship operations. The organization relies exclusively on grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual philanthropy to keep the…
THE PRIDE IS BACK The Pride is Back – A Baltimore Sun Editorial from 1988 #27forPride2 - Hopefully you get the same chills we did reading the editorial on the civic pride our goodwill ambassador instills in us. EDITORIAL – THE BALTIMORE SUN – THE PRIDE IS BACK