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Captain’s Log – Light But Favorable Winds

Date: Wednesday June 22, 2016 Time: 1430 ADT Position: 55 nautical miles southeast of Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of St.Lawrence The sailing was indeed good this morning. However, winds fell light right after lunch. While favorable in direction, they were only enough strength to push Pride II along at 3 knots. Started the PORT engine. Been cruising along between 6-7 knots at a…

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Captain’s Log – Gulf of St. Lawrence

Pride of Baltimore, off the Magdalen Islands Gulf of St. Lawrence June 22, 2016 It always takes a couple of days to settle in to the routines of a passage. We are two days out of Lunenburg, and this life is beginning to be normal for everyone. It will get normal enough that when we reach port again, it will be an…

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Captain’s Log – Coasting Eastward

Date: June 22, 2016 Time: 0545 ADT Position: 25 nautical miles WSW of the Magdelene Islands in middle of Gulf of St. Lawrence This morning wind is 20-25 knots from SWxW. Pride II is sliding along at around 9 knots under reefed square-topsail, all three jibs (fore-staysail, jib & jib-top) as well foresail and mainsail. It has been a busy 24 hours. 36 hours…

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