Captain’s Log – Bound for Nova Scotia

June 17, 2016

Date: Friday June 17, 2016
Time: 0600 EDT/0700 ADT
Position: At the west end of Southwestern Shore of Nova Scotia near Brazil
Rk near Cape Sable Island

We are looking at Nova Scotia this morning. With any luck we ought to be
arriving Lunenburg sometime late this afternoon.

The weather remains benign. Which means we continue to motor along with
sail up. The crossing of Gulf of Maine remained quiet. Passed close to a
pod of Humpback whale feeding. Seen several Sunfish as well. Lots of
smaller Porpoise.

Did not see any Canadian fishing vessels on AIS near the Canadian/USA
boundary. Not till we reached Cape Sable this dawn. Here are the names we
can see: Sailor Moon, Mega Hawk, Ina K, Kansas & Jersey, Let It Ride I,
Nora J, Double Cousin.

Signed, Jan C. Miles

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  2. Jay 9:33 am on June 17, 2016

    I am a retired freelance photographer that is trying to get some images of Tall Ships passing thru 1000 Islands. Forget me understanding navigating the size of the ships...I have zero knowledge of the waters, routes or typical winds. Do you anticipate having your sails up passing thru the 1000 islands? Can you share with me any route information. And lastly your anticipated passage date going thru the 1000 islands and into Ontario. The 2nd best thing to do is take pictures of sailboats J

    • Pride of Baltimore 10:12 am on June 17, 2016

      Hi Jay, Thanks for your interest in Pride of Baltimore II . Pride is scheduled to arrive in Toronto on June 30. It's difficult to say when she will be passing through the 1000 Islands because as a sailing vessel, her progress is completely dependent on weather and wind. I recommend keeping an eye on her route using this AIS data tracking systembeginning on June 25; it should give you an idea when she will be close by.
      Pride will most likely have at least a few sails set as she passes through the Islands, but again, it really all depends on weather and wind, as does her specific route; I'm not able to guarantee that she will be under full sail.
      She is a remarkable vessel. I hope you'll catch a glimpse of her! Please share your photos with us at
      Fair winds,
      Martha Oster-Beal Administrative Assistant Pride of Baltimore, Inc.

      • Jay 1:50 pm on June 17, 2016

        Martha, I understand the variables re wind and weather and hopefully the tracking link will be a good tool for my planning. Her ETA in Toronto is also a good guide. I have seen her a few time at dock in BWI harbor and hope to catch her underway with sails full. Maybe as she exits the 1000 islands into Ontario I will get lucky. If I do get any shots I will indeed share. The 2nd best thing to do is take pictures of sailboats. J

  3. Pierre Henkart 11:06 am on June 17, 2016

    Following Captain Miles reports of Pride's voyage and his continuing reports of nearby fish and fishing vessels, this history buff can't help pointing out that Pride is sailing in waters where fishing was once a dominant player in the economies of North America and indeed, Europe. A great read is Mark Kurlansky's Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World. But those fish were also responsible for the development of the "other" much-heralded schooner model, the New England/Canadian schooners that fished these waters until the cod fishery collapsed from overfishing in the 20th Century. And the ultimate example of that schooner model is the Bluenose II, featured on the Canadian dime, berthed in Lunenberg, Pride's next port. There should be some good yarns to share among the two crews of these ultimate schooners. Pierre Henkart PoB "historian"

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