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At last…quiet, calm as we head up the Potomac

At 4 AM this morning, after 34 hours of steady motoring for a distance of 268 nautical miles (7.8 knot average) against a steady 25 to 30 knots of wind, PRIDE was able to stop motoring at the Patuxent River and sail into the Potomac River after breakfast this morning. The above represents an atypical grind for PRIDE. Very fortunately,…

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Landfall, Gloucestering, Bean-town and New York Bound

6 October, 2011 Pos: 41 07.1’N x 072 39.5’W Wx: WNW F2, Seas calm, Sunny PRIDE OF BALTIMOREĀ II made landfall in Portland, Maine, five days ago. I can hear what you’re thinking – if you were so early getting the boat to the US, why is the blog so late? Well the interim days have been a bit of a…

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