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Lake Erie Astern, Detroit to Port and Canada to the SOUTH!

8 July 2011 Pos: Alongside Port Detroit Dock Wx: East F 2, Sunny. Hot PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II now has two Lakes under her belt in 2011. With the Northeasterly filling in on Wednesday evening, we sailed until midnight, then used engines to assist for a few hours so we could make our ETA to Pelee Passage on time. Once through…

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Saved by a Swim Call

Wednesday, July 6 Position: 41 57.6’N x 081 41.5’W Wx: NE F 3, 3/8 Cumulus, Warm, Lake Water 72 degrees Sailing at 7.5 knots, steering 265 for Pelee Passage under all plain sail, plus T’gallant PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II has been sailing for most of the length of Lake Erie now. After leaving Buffalo Harbor yesterday, we have been beating…

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The Port that Kept on Giving

Tuesday, July 5 Position: 12 nm North of Dunkirk, New York Wx: SW F 3 Partly Cloudy and warm Sailing at 6.5 knots, close-hauled, steering 190 under all plain sail, plus T’gallant After nearly a week of tours, daysails and all around excitement, PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II left Buffalo’s Erie Canal Harbor this morning at 1100. As always there were…

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