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Etch-a-Sketch in Cape Cod Bay, A Place for the Birds, Tide Bound in a Rocky River and Waiting Winds of Nova Scotia

23 July 2012 Pos: Alongside the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia Wx: South Force 2, Clear Pride of Baltimore II has had a busy interval since her last Blog; and it was full of racing, anchorages, tides, fog and more racing. Eleven days ago we cleared through the Cape Cod Canal, and by mid-morning began our time…

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"On the Hard"

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II Annual Haul Out Ocean Marine Yacht Center Portsmouth, VA A phrase I learned from our British friends early in my traditional sailing vessel career. Meaning the vessel is not in its element…rather it is hauled out of it for maintenance…or storage. In PRIDE II’s case it is maintenance as well as cleaning the underwater portion of…

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